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On that note…

Just a very quick note to say that I have been selected as a finalist in the Fantastic Fall Photo Challenge by my fellow blogger Mr Püttman. I am super excited to be nominated, especially considering all the incredible photos everyone sent in, thank you so much!

Here is my contest entry if you are curious what happens when I point a camera at stuff and press the button.

If you would like to vote for me, you can leave a comment in the comment section of the final competition post on Mr. P’s blog. The competition is tough, the other finalists have sent in absolutely stunning images from all over the world.

Thanks again for this exciting nomination 😀

Nanjing Autumn – Fantastic Fall Photo Contest

I never realized how beautiful autmumn in Nanjing could be until I started walking around with my eyes open for Püttman’s Foto Challenge.

The below were taken at Nanjing Normal University, Jiangsu Province, China 中国江苏省南京市南京师范大学学院.

Autumn Nanjing normal university

Nanjing normal university autumn
Nanjing normal university Autumn
Nanjing normal university Autumn