hohhot wedding

A quick hello

Wow, I cannot believe that I wrote my last post almost a month ago – life has been indeed crazy.

Since my last day at work I have met my parents and best friends in Hohhot, somehow got through the crazy wedding/birthday party, run off for another week of traveling the country with one of my bridesmaids and best men, jetted to Shenzhen for an expo, gotten a cold after almost two weeks of severe sleep and rest deprivation and now am resting up in Beijing just to hop on a plane down to one of the most Southern tips of Yunnan in two days and do some traveling with my Mother in Law. With husband having to return to work after a week off and our Honeymoon plans postponed until my situation is more permanent, I am still making the most of my free time.

That should definitely include writing more for this blog – it is top of the to do list. And photos. Coming soon, bear with me 😉 Hugs from a pretty blue-skied Beijing!



2 thoughts on “A quick hello”

  1. Nice to get an update, Laura. Hope you have a wonderful time traveling with your MIL — and look forward to more writing!


    1. Thanks Jocelyn 🙂 Currently also catching up on some reading – Good Chinese Wife, Crazy Rich Asians, China Rich GF and a certain Dragonfruit 😉 thanks for the awesome reading list!!!


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