It’s here – The Chinese-German Marriage Process Infographic!

It’s finally here – get married as a German to a Chinese in China  in 10 not so simple steps!

It took us six months, two attempts and much scouring through disheartening forum threads to figure out how to get legally married in China; me a German national, my husband a Chinese.

I figured it was time for a step-by-step infographic. German and Chinese versions are in the works. I hope this helps you from making the same mistakes we did. Best of luck!

get married china germany deutschland  ehe

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One thought on “It’s here – The Chinese-German Marriage Process Infographic!”

  1. Yeahs read about this process in a German Chinese forum, it ain’t fun at all. We had the luck that my wife lived already for a few years in. Europe so her mother only sent the needed documents (translated) from China to Finland and everything was done within a month 🙂


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