The Wedding Photos – Larger than Life


So, finally the wedding photography company completely finished editing and printing out our photos. Hip. hip, hurray. My favourite part of this entire wedding is of course the tradition to get professional and nauseatingly kitshy/glamorous engagement pictures taken and then have them printed out in inconveniently large sizes for your in-laws and yourselves to hang aaaall over the place – seen as we are not vain enough as it is.

engagement pictures

Now, I have to admit, I did not quite realise what I was signing up for when I decided it was the smartest logistical and financial choice to get the pictures taken in Nanjing. Thanks to my generous boss, who brought his car for the pick up, we were able to get the pictures to the office. If it had not been for him, there would have been no way I would have managed to get those humungous pictures back to the city centre. I mean, one of them is actually almost as tall as I am. No kidding!

Though, before going on about what to do with the scarily-sized images I have no idea how to shift, I have to say a MAJOR thumbs up to our wedding photography company. As I mentioned in a previous post, I found them via Dianping, what a lifesaver, and the deal they offered was really top-notch. 3700 RMB for minimum 250 photos, 130 photoshopped, seven different outfits, a qipao or wedding dress chucked in for good measure, three photo albums, three really large framed photos and countless smaller ones, really good photography skills and an incredibly talented and lovely make-up/hair stylist. If you ever find yourself in need in Nanjing, Bazaar Wedding Photography (芭莎摄影会馆), in Jiangning district, New Metro Shopping Mall; I can whole-heartedly recommend their services.


Now, I am really at a loss as to what to do with all the photos I have now, especially the super large ones. They do not fit in a suitcase and even if they did, what with my five wedding dresses and all the other stuff I will have to drag up to Inner Mongolia in August, there will hardly be enough space. I am probably just going to have to send them per messenger, always assuming that they will actually get there. When Mr Li comes round to visit me here in July, I might try and offload as many of the pictures as possible on him, the poor guy.

So, yes, I guess I did not think that through too much, whoopsee. Wish me luck in finding a permanent home for them; my 40 m2 studio flat would just be ever so slightly overwhelmed if I just kept them there, and more importantly I might be moving soon-ish.

The good news is that Mr Li was stunned by the results of the shoot and I got to spend about half an hour listening to him scrolling through the pictures on his phone and telling me I look stunning or amazing. I’m just lapping it up right now, who knows when I will get to hear such lovely things again!



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