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Wedding Logistics – Pictures, Dresses and Logos

Phew, so it has been a while, since I last managed to write something even slightly coherent. I have been traveling back and forth between Nanjing and whichever city Mr Li resides in that week, so far Shenzhen and Beijing have made it onto the list.

In terms of the wedding, things are moving incredibly slow and I am mainly starting to notice the major logistic challenge that this whole arrangement is going to cause in the nearest future. I now have a total of five dresses, four for the ceremony and one for decoration purposes, plus at least two pairs of shoes, all of which I will somehow have to squeeze in a suitcase, aside from your regular clothes for the one week trip to Inner Mongolia during the wedding.

As if that was not enough, Mr Li is going to get his suit tailor-made when he comes to visit next month.

Last, but certainly not least, I am about to pick up about seven super-sized pictures, including a roll-up banner from the wedding company, which will be difficult to even move on my own, no less so since I am not in possession of a car. I will then have to stash them in my studio flat and figure out a way to get most of them to Inner Mongolia, where I am certain the family will have much more use for them than I. After all, who wants to come home to a lonely flat with a life-sized picture of you and your husband – sounds like an occasion for vodka and Chaka Khan as Bridget might say.

The wedding planner is waiting for my pictures in order to make an e-vite and she has in the meantime been working on our wedding “logo”, a must-have at any Chinese wedding that takes itself seriously. It is in effect the given names of the couple surrounded by kitshy floral or Victorian patterns. My task to my Wedding planner was “create a logo that combines both East and West”, since she has chosen the motto “Across the World” for our wedding. Oh yes, I forgot to mention the motto. This is sometimes part of the logo and inspires the overall decoration. I like our motto, it is very succinct and not so cheesy as to make you want to poke your eyes out at the mention of it, as many others can be. Just a sample selection to give you an impression of the mottos I have come across in my wedding research: “You are the brightest star in my heart”, “Love of Swan Lake”.

I am now entering the stage of worrying about bridesmaid logistics. Since three of my bridesmaids live in Austria, one in Shanghai and one in Taiwan, and with two different sets of native languages and commonly used apps, it is not that simple to get everyone on the same page. Yet, I have to express my major thanks and gratitude to all of them at this point, since they are incredibly quick to answer all my strange queries (“send me your measurements, now!”) and even chose an identical bridesmaid dress of the selection I gave without my even intending them to do so. I had actually thought that they should all just wear a qipao (for the Shanghai theme) in a champagne-ish colour but with a motif of their choice. They immediately banded together and chose a uniform dress. Thanks, girls, you rock!

What I am concerned about is of course the fact that Chinese and Western sizes are entirely different and the dresses will now have to go on a little trip around the world to Austria/Taiwan, so my bridesmaids can make sure the dresses fit, before there is a grand disaster during the “wedding week” when they arrive in Hohhot.

Just thinking of the endless possibilities for utter cock-up in this scenario – low quality dresses, wrong sizes and unreliable postal services – I am quite certain that there will be at least one minor wardrobe malfunction. But then, I guess, that is to be expected even at a “normal” wedding with less hair-pullingly complex logistics.

After all, I never like to take the easy road, do I?


9 thoughts on “Wedding Logistics – Pictures, Dresses and Logos”

  1. I am speechless about the amount of logistics and preparation a wedding these days is supposed to entail. People should almost leave their day jobs for a year just to arrange the whole thing. I am starting to consider elopement as a very viable option for the future 🙂

    There is no way I have such energy and time to dedicate to a ceremony. But that’s just me, I really don’t care much about getting married at all, so perhaps that is why I refuse to put effort into it.

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    1. Oh, I remember wanting to elope..truth of the matter is though that the wedding is for everyone except the bride and groom – even more so in China – I agreed to the wedding because of mother in law and because it is still frowned upon not to have a wedding in China. my problem is that if I am going to do something I am going to do it right…I get too involved haha 😉


      1. I totally get what you mean.. I think my solution will be having a small simple function in Europe first and then let the MIL organize whatever she wants in Hong Kong for her friends and acquaintances’s sake.

        Then I will just show up at whatever address she gives me and smile 🙂


  2. Wow! I’m really amazed how you can still keep your head on your shoulders with wedding planning and all the logistics! Our wedding was tiny and simple compared to yours but still enough stress for one lifetime. I can’t wait to
    see pics from your wedding day, it’s gonna be so beautiful I’m sure 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thanks a lot Sara! I am already having nightmares – i woke up during the night because i dreamt no one made a seating chart and the wedding was in a week – and its still 1.5 months away…uh oh 😉


      1. I think I had a nightmare or two before the wedding as well! But then in the end it was all worth it as everything was surprisingly perfect 🙂 Just delegate all the wedding day stuff to others and make sure they know what to do. And if you hubby has bestmen, make sure they know what to do as well. So on the actual day you can just concentrate being pretty 😀


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