hohhot inner mongolia old shanghai style wedding

The Theme (Part I’ve Lost Count) – Wedding Planner Joys

Yes, you read correctly. For one time in my life I actually have something positive to say about wedding planners in Hohhot. Over the 1st May weekend Mr.Li was on a short stopover in his hometown, as he is currently moving to the Southern city of Shenzhen, with beaches and coconuts. I am so, so, so jealous!

During his stay he went to see the infamous wedding company for me, bless him. The company switched the wedding planner from my previous one, who would definitely have won the award for “most incompetent employee of the universe” to a new and energetic consultant.

She is simply and truly fabulous. Not only was she working on 1st May, technically a public holiday, afterwards I added her WeChat at 10pm at night and she promptly accepted and even started chatting with me until I told her to please stop working this late on a Friday. I had another message in my inbox on Saturday at 7am – no kidding! She polished off an entire proposal on Saturday, and sent me my bridal homework, a very detailed questionnaire about my relationship and my person, felt like I was back at high school having to do my homework, haha, luckily no grades for this one. On Sunday, she went to check out the wedding location and get a feel for it. I am not even sure whether she sleeps and eats, she just seems to be available and switched on constantly. She is the Duracell Wedding Planner Bunny. It is another example of how China is a country of extremes; either you get Ms Whoops-proposal-is-three-days-late, (and I am sorry dear, but you won’t be able to be three days late on the wedding), or you get this amazing girl, who obviously lives for her work. She is also not pushy at all, if I don’t contact her for a few days, she will leave me alone – motivated but not overboard.

In terms of the theme, things have also come together in the most incredible way. After aaaall of the drama with Mr.Li insisting we could not do the Old Shanghai Theme, guess what? We are doing an Old Shanghai Theme. Whooohooo, victory dance. I am ECSTATIC. A number of great coincidences came together to change his mind. For one, when we took the engagement photos a few weeks ago, he remarked on how he thought the Old Shanghai look suited me really well and was actually the look he preferred. Number two, after telling the wedding company the idea for our UK vintage theme (which was really Old Shanghai with some Union Jacks chucked in there for good measure) with a grey-blue and Bordeaux colour scheme, they came back to us saying they could do this colour scheme but it would cost us thousands and thousands of RMB because they did not have that colour in stock. They then sent us their colour palette, which was met with hysterical laughter on both my part and my friend’s who I was visiting at the time. Here it is in all its glory.

Colour scheme wedding Inner Mongolia company

Luckily I was just coming from a Chinese massage, all relaxed, otherwise I would have had another mental breakdown. As it was, my friend and me just exploded into giggle fits, and I was glad she was there and not Mr.Li, who once again might not have understood what I was being so fussy about. As it stands, my three-year old self could have come up with a more professional colour palette than that.

The girl previously known as my wedding planner had at least managed to copy the proposal for the Old Shanghai wedding they had organised three months earlier and sent it through, all in red and white. China and Western traditional wedding colours combined. It was perfect! And when Mr.Li realised this theme meant we did not have to pay extra, he was so on board. So now, in an unbelievable twist of luck and fate, I get my Old Shanghai wedding after all. I’m such a lucky b*¥;P.

hohhot inner mongolia old shanghai style wedding


2 thoughts on “The Theme (Part I’ve Lost Count) – Wedding Planner Joys”

    1. Well, I had an inkling it wouldn’t be easy but it has definitely proven a lot more trying than I imagined at the outset haha – onwards and upwards!


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