The Dates (Part 4) – The German Wedding

Calendar august wedding China

My Christmas trip to Germany rendered a good many results with regards to the wedding that side of the sea (we are pretty early considering it is not until 2016, but that’s how we roll – we are as enthusiastic about planning as our Chinese counterparts are not; on average Chinese families tend to book their wedding planner about two months before the wedding to throw something together).

I had originally thought of setting the date for May 2016, since our idea at the time was a possible return to Europe in April 2016; however, this was simply another of Mr. Li’s short-lived plans, which tend to change once a week on average (I have simply decided to not take any of his notions seriously until I am actually sitting at the airport headed for Europe).

Therefore it was time for me to make my own plans – given the choice I will always go for a summer celebration as I love the heat. This led us into July. It took about a week for my brain to have an epiphany that 2016 will be my mum’s 65th birthday; and since I have no idea where I will be living at the time, wouldn’t it be great to make sure I got to spend my mums big birthday with her?

After a short discussion we agreed that we can simply combine the two occasions, especially since friends and family who cannot make it to China will hopefully be able to pop by Germany more easily; but they wouldn’t necessarily come twice in a short amount of time. And so it will be July, a few days before my mum’s birthday, that we will have our ultra-special wedding cum birthday party. Damn, we are efficient! *pat on the back for me*


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