The Southern Chinese Wedding (Part 1)

Chinese WeddingWe all know the best way to preparation for anything in life is experience; so what better way to practice for my own big day then being part of another’s? As previously mentioned, I have experienced one Chinese wedding so far, however just as one of many regular guests and not as one of the bridal party. Since, once a woman is married in China, she can also not be a bridesmaid anymore, I consider myself incredibly lucky that my good friend Cherry, who I met in Nanjing, asked me to be her bridesmaid.

Especially since one of my dear future bridesmaids, the lovely Andrea, requested that I write a post describing a Chinese wedding, I am happy to report that I managed to handle bridesmaid duties while simultaneously typing even the most insignificant detail of the ceremony into my phone; although how well I handled this act of multi-tasking I will leave up to Cherry to decide. This is undoubtedly going to be a rather long entry, so I will be splitting it into shorter, more easily to digest entries over the next few days. Enjoy, and feel free to ask any questions if my scattered brain left anything out.

Traditionally, Chinese weddings consist of three major segments, broadly speaking. The morning during which the bridesmaids and the bride get ready and await the arrival of the groom with his best men (the number of best men has to equal the number of bridesmaids, in this case four of each).

After the bride has been retrieved by the groom, the bridal party including close family such as uncles, aunties and cousins, drive to the couple’s new home, which is usually part of the “marriage package” in order for the bride to consent to marriage.

When everyone has oooh’d and aaah’d sufficiently at the lovebird’s new residence, and after a short lunch and respite in our case, the actual wedding ceremony is held, usually at a grand hotel with food and entertainment.

Let’s get ready to take a closer look at Cherry’s special day!

Want to continue reading? Find the next part of the series here.


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