Why would I start this blog?

Well, why not?

My experience in China has taught me one thing; female foreign and Chinese male couplings are rare, in fact so rare, that when we meet others of our kind, I tend to go into awe mode as I realise there are people like us out there somewhere.

FWCM (Foreign Woman, Chinese Man) partnerships are in fact so uncommon, that in Chinese minds snagging a Laowai is like chancing upon Nessy while in the Loch. Therefore, a commonly used term to compliment a Chinese guy who has managed to conquer a foreigner’s heart is


which translates into

“Bringing honour to your country”,

while the opposite, a Chinese woman going out with a foreign man, is often scorned upon and titulated as traitor or worse especially on the Chinese internet (which catapults me into a feminist rage whenever I hear or read of such ignorant comments).

The reasons for FWCM couples being such a rarity and the difficulties that come with it are for another time. Suffice it to say that weddings of such a nature are not yet as common as they should be in our allegedly globalised world of Coca Cola, Apple and Wikipedia.

And that is why I am writing this blog, for you who possibly shares my experiences, or you who has never even been to China, or you who is curious about intercultural weddings.

I hope you enjoy this blog, feel free to send me feedback any time!

Willkommen! Welcome! 欢迎!


2 thoughts on “Why would I start this blog?”

  1. Hi Laura, Hi Tong. We are thrilled at the news that you are to be engaged and married. We have just read your blog and will continue to do so as it makes it seem that we are involved and brings you that little bit closer even though we are many miles apart. It is great that you are respecting the traditions and culture of both countries even though it may be problematic at times and it makes for very interesting reading. Two weddings to the same man, lucky girl! All being well we hope to be there to see you married in Germany. How exciting, we can’t wait.

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    1. Dear Ray and Caroline, we were so touched by your lovely comment! We look forward to hopefully seeing you in Germany and we are planning a trip back to Newcastle at some point, back to where it all started hahah. I hope you will have fun in Germany, speak soon 🙂 Laura


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